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 300+ reviews, we moderate in 7 languages. Bet on quality and reliability.

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What music will You play?

We focus on music what you and Your guests like not what DJ likes. Wedding DJ is not playing for himself but for you. We always do our best to adapt to every single situation and that means we adjust through music and also it’s volume. Before wedding you and your wedding DJ will agree on what music you prefer, what songs to play and what not to play. There is also an option to choose what exact songs, interprets or genres you wish to hear on your wedding. We also care about music you can’t stand so we won’t play it.

Will your wedding DJ moderate a wedding day?

Yes, we do and it’s sure thing for us. With microphone we are active, cooperating with made of honor or best man, moderating wedding games, activities and giving a helping hand with organizing stuff. Simply show. All in 7 languages.

What DJ will bring with himself?

We have a lot of equipments. Complete professional sound and light system including our own DJ desk. Design is very important and we like when we also look great when we play. If you decide that your wedding will take place in some larger space like halls you don’t have to be worried. Our stock of light systems is large enough to cover also spaces like that. Every our DJ is using same professional equipment by brands like Pioneer, Electro-Voice, RCF, Shure and many other.

What about music requests?

During wedding we take requests and if you wish we also do announcements via microphone. Also communication with guests is important us as we are interested in what music they like. Song requests are up to you and your wedding guests and for our DJs it’s matter of course. We have an Client Portal that will allow you to make request lists before the wedding.

How long will wedding DJ play?

End of the wedding is up to your decision. We won’t change the price. You can enjoy your wedding DJ as much as you want.

When will wedding DJ starts?

It’s individual thing. If you wish DJ can create a background for your wedding ceremony. But if you like your DJ to play afterwards for example on Your wedding party we recommend you to throw party no less than 3-4 hours after wedding ceremony. Usually in 2 hours after wedding ceremony it’s also after lunch and DJ won’t disturb when he will prepare his equipment (We always arrive at least 120 minutes before start of production).

When DJ will prepare equipment?

DJ arrive 120 minutes before start of production. Preparing of stage and equipment takes about 90 minutes. If it’s possible we prepare stage one day before. In case that technical requests are different we adjust also time for preparation.

What we will have to arrange?

We know that you already have a lot of things to take care of so we will do our best to take care about the music so you don’t have to be worried about that part of wedding. Only thing that we will need you to arrange is electrical plug in range of 15 meters but also this we can manage by ourselves.

Will we sign the contract? Will we have proof of purchase?

Of course. We always sign a contract and provide you with invoice. Contract is signed online. Payment is always by bank transfer. All of these is happening via Client portal. If you’re interested in detailed information about procedure it will show up after filling the inquiry.

In which countries you operate?

KV-Production has branched in four countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak and Poland), but our expertise and wedding DJ experience works for you anywhere in Europe. We most often operate in Austria, Czechia, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

What is the price for wedding DJ?

Our prices starting at 590 EUR. We vouch for quality and services we provide. Lower price would devaluate our service and then we couldn’t provide it on same high level. Price is made according to few parameters and it’s individual. One of parameters is start of wedding. Next one is travel distance and difficulty of access. Also when You want us to play during wedding ceremony price would be slightly increased. Our price policy is made fairly so we can provide service in best possible quality for lowest possible price. We are not cheapest but also not the most expensive.

What if my wedding DJ gets ill?

Well also DJ is just a human so it can happen. In these kind of situations we always have adequate substitution so You don’t have to be afraid of not having a DJ on Your wedding. We GUARANTEE You THIS also in contract which we will sign together.

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Anna Gajdičiarová

Sales, Marketing