Chateau Mcely – the best czech wedding venue according to Forbes

Chateu Mcely is according to Czech Forbes magazine the luxurious place in the Czech Republic and we have unique opportunity to play there regularly. And what is the place like? Let us describe that to you.

Already at the entrance to the chateau gardens, luxury breathes on you. Before you opens gate to a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Parking is right next to the chateau and is hidden so well it would not be seen in video or photographs. Castle is divided into several parts, the most popular is bar in the winter garden style called “Patio Bellavista”. Here we play at the smaller weddings or celebrations.

Next part of the castle is restaurant, which is often used as dancing hall. Dominant of the hall is polished black piano. DJ or musicians are in the same place, as seen in picture bellow. To the hall lead several doors, from Patio, hallway or from garden.

The castle garden is magnificent, very well taken care of and very inspirative. In good weather it is definitely worth a walk. Part of the garden is also separate SPA with pool, it is located in the lower parts of the garden and so in some privacy.

The castle also has small vine cellar.

Service and course of events

Service is unrivalled. You feel this when you entre reception area. Everything works like a clockwork, food is very tasty, you can try several specialities. Wedding ceremony in Chateau Mcely, with some exception, usually takes place at 3:30 PM and standard ending of the wedding reception is at 1AM in the morning which can be extended for additional fee. The advantage of all places in the chateau is they are equipped with a sufficient number of sockets and various corners into which the lights can be arranged, and thanks to that you will have a beautiful view of the visual of our stage.

“A wedding at Chateau Mcely is not for everyone, you must pull a lot of money and make it so that wedding at Mcely is your dream or you want to show off in front of your friends and business partners.” Says DJ and owner of KV Petr Knap. Most of events done here are in English or in other languages. Besides weddings we play here on traditional meeting of princesses, corporate events or Year End parties.

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